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Strategic Performance Coach

With my training and coaching programs, I work with professionals, primarily from the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Corporate Industry, to drive peak performance and deliver stronger business results through mastery of Mindset, Skills, Strategy and Motivation.

Two Decades of Multi National Pharmaceutical Expertise

Diverse Experience

  • Diverse expertise across both Specialty Prescription and Consumer Healthcare Brands
  • Broad hands-on experience in different Therapeutic Areas as Pain management, Oncology, Parkinson, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Allergy, and others
  • Proven record of In-market sales, To-market sales and Market share development


  • Strategic Performance Coach Certification, Tony Robbins Madanes Institute, California, US (Mindset Coaching, Business Strategy, NLP techniques and Psychology in Training)
  • Professional Co-Active Coach Certification, Coaches Training Institute, accredited by ICF, US 
  • Certified Multi-Award Winning Public Speaker and Member of the Public Speaking Academy, UK
  • Certified Train the Trainer, Off the Job Delivery and Design

Author in

She is Remarkable

Author in “She is Remarkable”. A collaborative book designed to empower and inspire talent, growth and peak performance.

Your one-stop 360 training solution to Maximize your Team’s Performance & Company Sales.

SELL while Educating your Doctors and SERVE by Bringing value to patients and consumers.

This system is customized to professionals working in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Corporate industry and covers all key pillars needed to drive strong performance. It is completely unique as it is built on real-world experience of around two decades in the pharmaceutical market and has delivered real business results. 

The SELLUCATE (SELL + EDUCATE) Strategic Balance is implemented across all modules of the system so you can master both, how to SELL and EDUCATE. 

THE PHARMA SELLUCATE SELL & SERVE SYSTEM™ will train your teams on all the key strategic pillars needed to drive peak performance: Mindset, Skills, Strategy and Motivation.

Master the 7Ps Sales Blueprint: Seven Core Skills which equip your team with the right skillset needed to maximize revenues across the sales cycle.
Define Your GO-TO MARKET Strategy to maximize your sales opportunities and minimize risks.
Position Your Brand with a three-step system to deliver a story which sells not just information which tells.
Deep Dive Analysis of your potential market, territory and customers to map sources of business development and sales uplift.
Define Sales and Marketing strategies and effective closing techniques to multiply profitability.
Develop the Right Mindset and Attitude for Success which contributes to 80% of your success.
My Bonus module to professionals crucial to ignite motivation and team engagement.

The Question

Common FAQ

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With Co-Active® Coaching & training techniques, get your leaders to master a balance between ‘Co’ meaning working ‘with’ their teams and driving ‘Actions’. Turn ideas into reality, strategies into action, and goals into achievements.

Harness the strategies of ‘The Five Dimensions for Effective Leadership’ and Stronger Influence. Enable your teams to peak performance and business results.

Core Training Objectives:

  • Self-leadership, Purpose and Impact
  • Counselling and Mentorship 
  • Coaching Teams 
  • Conflict Management 
  • Culture and Team Engagement

This program is a blend of several training techniques to ensure on the ground practical results. A 360-baseline assessment to identify specific action points, Live and Online Training Workshops, in addition to Coaching sessions to ensure continuous progress and support.

Master the art of delivery, confidence, stance, gestures, and tonality.  Make an impact whether you are speaking to one or to many.

  • Build trust and emotionally connect with your audience
  • Generate more sales leads and conversions
  • Establish yourself as an expert and authority
  • Engage and effortlessly communicate your results

From office presentations and sales pitches to addressing a large audience, this master-class will teach you how to emphatically and charismatically impact and own the stage!

Launching a new brand or aiming to drive additional sales? Do you want to serve new patient and consumer profiles, or target inclusions in new key accounts? 

Get expert consulting advice on how to:

  • Build your brand’s medical kit
  • Design unique marketing strategies
  • Create customized training solutions 

Get a subject matter expert on board who has a diverse experience and expertise across Specialty Prescription and Consumer Healthcare Brands as well as broad Therapeutic areas.

“NIRVANA” means your state of happiness, purpose, fulfillment, and achievement. Empower yourself to make the right decisions by developing clarity and deeper consciousness in all areas of your life.

  • Discover your values and purpose
  • Understand the science behind your behavior patterns
  • Set your goals for the future and design your game-plan
  • Master your mindset, thoughts, emotions, and state
  • Fast-track your growth with our proven tactics


Available for individuals who want to reach their own peak state of “NIRVANA”. Create a path of ease and flow to your destination.

Join the Success Story!

01 Stepping Up The Journey
3 Stepping Up The Journey

The Journey

I believe that everyone has a ‘Special Fingerprint,’ a unique impact that only you can have. The orchestration of different pathways made my journey, which brought me to this destination. 

Rising from my career as a Medical Representative and taking on several roles in Sales, Marketing, Medical and Training throughout two decades, my last role was that of Head Director of Marketing and Medical Training for the Gulf region. 

After realizing my passion for Coaching and Training, I became a Certified Strategic Performance Coach from the prestigious Tony Robbins Madanes Institute in California and a Professional Co-Active Coach. 

I am also an award-winning Public Speaker and a member of the Public Speaking Academy in UK. As an author, I am a part of the anthology ‘She Is Remarkable’ that featured the stories of several inspirational women, and aims to empower more women to explore their talent and reach their ‘Nirvana.’ 

I consider my biggest milestone is being a mother to three generations, the teenager, the toddler and the rhythmic gymnast in the middle!

The Career Expedition Begins

Bachelor of Pharmacy


IPSOS Market Researcher


Medical Sales Representative

The Growth Phase
Key Account Manager

Regional Product Manager & Medical Training Manager MENA


Certified Train the Trainer

Upgrading & Upskilling
Professional Co-Active Coach, CTI Accredited ICF, USA

Certified Strategic Interventionist Performance Coach, RMT Institute, California


Certified Public Speaker, PSA, UK

Promotions & Milestones
Marketing LEAD & Regional Medical Trainer

Head Director of Marketing and Medical Training 


Multi Award-Winning Speaker and Co-Author of “She is Remarkable”

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Coaching sessions are open for both individuals and corporates who are looking for their team’s welfare.

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Leadership Training

As a Co-Active Coach, Nervana trains leaders on how to master a balance between “Co” meaning working “with” their teams in harmony and engagement to drive “Actions”. Five Dimensions for Effective Leadership and stronger influence on teams for peak performance. Turn ideas into reality, strategies into action, and goals into achievements.

Five modules are designed to enable leaders to influence teams, performance, and business results.

  • Start with self-leadership and create their impact
  • Counsel and mentor 
  • Coach teams 
  • Manage conflict
  • Build a strong culture and team engagement. 

This custom-designed Leadership Training Program is created exclusively for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Corporates and Professionals.  The program is a blend of 360 baseline assessment, training interventions (live and online), and coaching sessions that ensure continuous progress and practical results.